Step-by-Step Guide: Checking "The Black Phone" Showtimes

The Hours of The Black Phone

The next thriller film, The Black Phone, is creating a lot of hype among moviegoers. With anticipation building, understanding the showtimes becomes vital for interested moviegoers. This is a thorough guide that will help you locate the Black Phone showtimes.


Action, camera, lights! Explore the fascinating world of “The Black Phone” showtimes and discover the enchantment that lies behind the screen. This comprehensive guide is your pass to a fantastic movie experience, complete with the most recent showtimes and exclusive insights.

The Reasons Behind Watching The Black Phone

The Reasons Behind Watching The Black Phone

It’s essential to comprehend the movie’s idea and appeal before looking at the showtimes. This psychological horror film, which Scott Derrickson is directing, promises to give viewers the chills. The film, which stars Jeremy Davies and Ethan Hawke, centres on an abducted teenager who finds a weird, locked mobile phone.

Opening The Black Phone Schedule

Examining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of “The Black Phone” Showtimes. This film offers a range of emotions, from heartfelt dramas to thrilling thrillers. As we explore the fascinating stories that lie ahead of you, grab a popcorn and join us.

revealing the timings of the shows worldwide

Explore the international sensation known as “The Black Phone” Showtimes illuminate movie theatres throughout the globe. We have exclusive knowledge of the best times and locations to see this highly anticipated film, whether you’re in New York, Tokyo, or London.

The Black Phone: A Cinematic Experience

Creating the Masterpiece Behind the Scenes

Put yourself in the makers’ position as we examine the painstaking process that went into making “The Black Phone.” See for yourself the commitment that goes into bringing each scene to life, from screenplay to screen.

Cinematic Extravaganzas: Essential Scenes

Get ready to be enthralled by the remarkable scenes that elevate “The Black Phone” to the status of a classic film. Insights into the fantastic moments that will have you on the edge of your seat without giving anything away.

Where to Look for the Black Phone Schedules of Shows

Where to Look for the Black Phone Schedules of Shows

Online ticketing platforms: Movie schedules are easily accessible via websites such as Atom Tickets, Fandango, and AMC. Look up “The Black Phone” and your area to see the times that are now available.

Theatre Websites: Detailed timetables are often available by visiting the official websites of nearby theatres. Check the “Now Playing” section or the theatre’s website to find the movie.

Mobile applications: Based on your location, a number of cinema-related mobile applications, such as Cinemark, Regal, or MoviePass, provide showtimes. To locate listings close by, use these apps and search for The Black Phone.

How to Locate the Greatest Showtimes

Early Booking: Especially during opening weekends or highly anticipated films, purchasing tickets in advance is advised to prevent a last-minute rush.

Several Locations: Look for appropriate times at other neighbouring venues if your first choice of showtimes isn’t available at one theatre.

Special Screenings: For a better cinematic experience, keep an eye out for special screenings like IMAX or 3D versions, if available.

Keeping track of The Black Phone showtimes guarantees you won’t miss the excitement and suspense this film provides. For rapid and precise showtime information, use mobile applications, theatre websites, and internet resources. Book your tickets in advance and be ready for a really remarkable cinematic experience!

Step-by-Step Guide: Checking “The Black Phone” Showtimes

The Black Phone is no longer playing in theatres in the USA as of January 13, 2024. It was released in June 2022, and typically, movies stay in theaters for around 8-12 weeks.

However, you do have a few options if you’d like to watch it:

1. Streaming Services:

  • Check if it’s available on any streaming services you subscribe to, such as:
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • YouTube
    • Google Play
    • iTunes
    • Vudu
    • Hulu
    • HBO Max
  • You can rent or purchase it digitally on these platforms as well.

2. Blu-ray and DVD:

  • The Black Phone is available on Blu-ray and DVD, which you can purchase online or at physical retailers like Walmart or Target.

3. VOD Rental:

  • You can rent the movie through video-on-demand services offered by cable providers or through services like Xfinity, DirecTV, or the PlayStation Store.

Here are some resources that might help you find where to watch the movie:

  • JustWatch:
  • Reelgood:
  • Where to Watch:

The Black Phone Showtimes: Your FAQs Answered

What’s the Runtime of “The Black Phone”?

Indulge in this cinematic delight for a runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Just enough time to be thoroughly entertained without losing track of reality.

Are There Midnight Screenings?

Yes, night owls rejoice! Many theaters offer midnight screenings, allowing you to be among the first to witness the magic of “The Black Phone.”

Can I Buy Tickets Online?

Absolutely! Save time and secure your spot by purchasing tickets online. Numerous platforms offer the convenience of booking from the comfort of your home.

Any Special Editions or Extended Cuts?

While the initial release is a cinematic gem, stay tuned for potential special editions or extended cuts that could provide even more depth to the story.

Is “The Black Phone” Suitable for All Ages?

This film is rated PG-13, ensuring a thrilling experience suitable for viewers aged 13 and above. Parental guidance is advised.

What’s the Best Snack to Enjoy During the Movie?

Popcorn remains the classic choice, but feel free to explore nachos, candies, and soda for the ultimate cinematic treat.


As the curtains draw to a close on our exploration of “The Black Phone” Showtimes, we hope this guide enhances your cinematic journey. Grab your tickets, immerse yourself in the magic, and let the silver screen transport you to a world of wonder.

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