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Top 25 Instagram Influencers Who Actually Are Fake

You follow them blindly on Instagram. They even become your role model and you try to imitate them, their life style and fitness tips. But what if actually they are fake or the success they have touted in Instagram is nothing but photo-op. Here are Top 25 Instagram Influencers Who Actually Are Fake.

So who can become Instagram Influencers. In a nutshell, the Influencers are Instagram users who have an established credibility and fan base. They can influence and persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity. The influencers can even impact our day to day life significantly given their ability to change our decisions or views.

Wikipedia has summarized the Instagram Influencer and their impact on marketing as below

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placements from influencers, people and organizations who possess a purported expert level of knowledge and/or social influence in their respective fields.

But what if our raved influencers turned out to be fake. The person we follow, we trust is actually a fake is quite disturbing. Anyway, life moves on. But just to caution you, we have found 25 Instagram influencers who are actually fake. Check this out.

She has even photoshopped and smoothen her tongue

She has literally painted the abs just to look fit and ripped

We are not fool. Easy to spot photoshop technique. She really wanted her eyelids to be spotless and smooth. And what about her eyebrows and eyelashes. Lady, you definitely inspire a plastic surgeon on how to fix people’s eyes.

We have talked to the “Instagram” moderators about why some people go overboard with photoshopping their pictures.

Here is their response: “Insecurity, envy, money. Take the girl sitting next to you in Statistics who’s scrolling through her latest selfie shoot and disappointingly thinks to herself, is that a pimple? I can’t let people see that, it’s embarrassing.” To cover the deficiencies and make the selfie look picture perfect, she casually opens up FaceTune, smooths out the pimple, and boom—now there’s an image she feels comfortable sharing online. Unbeknownst to her, there’s a seed that’s been planted in her mind now that it’s as easy as using this app to change anything she finds unattractive about herself at any time, then it snowballs; from taking in just a bit of your tummy for a more slender silhouette until eventually she’s landed on a waist the size of her neck.”

“The light improvements are so gradual over time, she stops noticing that the waist she’s creating is 1.) of course, not hers 2.) (as we often see on Instagram Reality), anatomically impossible, and 3.) that she’s now set an expectation subconsciously for herself (and outwardly for anyone following her) that she needs to keep up this flawless appearance; which means sticking to the edits she’s made for every photo she posts in the future. What she doesn’t realize is in this process, she’s simultaneously creating and constantly reinforcing her own insecurities.”

This looks so real, but “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who tells me all”

The only thing she has missed in fixed her mirror reflection. Next time spend time on photoshopping your mirror image too

Isn’t that amazing that both have perfect blue eyes. Have common sense before photoshopping the image. Better be creative next time as fake can be spotted instantly.

We also reached out to the Reddit moderators to understand why some people are scared of presenting themselves as they truly are. The response we received was

“Everyone wants to be loved and desired, everyone wants to feel that they belong. The harsh, scary truth of the matter for anyone is that the more you resemble what people around you consider universally attractive, the more likely you are to have access to those things in your life. So, you begin to think, “Well, what do I need to change about myself to fit in? How do I become more attractive?” Based on what magazine covers and many an Instagram Explore page shows you, that image is a tall, long-haired, fair skinned woman with smooth skin, a slim yet hourglass figure—oh, and don’t forget, the perfect butt. In comes photo editing apps, offering you the chance to finally be her. Even if it’s only online.”

Hiding your true age and wrinkles in front of camera, but how long can you do that. One day or the other, the truth has to come out. In this case, I didn’t expect it to be so quick

Another Russian Barbie model. See the strack contrast between reality and when she is in front of camera. The amazing thing about her, she even block users shouting fake to her

All you need to just stare at every corner of the picture and highlight what’s not real. Here is the quiz – spot 10 things in this image that are not real.

Looking at the right hand side picture, I thought that she is real. But then I saw her another post with the shadow and that is when I realized she is not real, or at least her waist. Look at her shadow carefully. How can the shadow be fat

The Instagram Reality moderators also stated that the community greatly supports inclusivity: “The Instagram Reality team is a huge supporter of inclusivity. That means all races, body types and genders need to be fairly represented in the media. To emphasize on it, Sanity Sunday was created as a day so that all Instagram users and influencer can share an ad that supports this idea.

Again, we are not saying you must not edit your image but as far as you do so within permitted boundaries, people around you will not be shocked. Contrary to these fake celebrities who have gone so extreme that the lines between real and fake are blurred. So when you see an actual picture of your beloved role model and when you realize it is not anything similar to what has been portrayed to you. imagine your feelings. You feel betrayed, lose the hope in the society.

A major credit goes to the “Instagram Reality” subreddit which was created just under two years ago. Reddit user “Zaza9000″ began to notice IG models who looked insanely different in real life. She wanted to create a platform that exposed the fakeness to people who were being fooled.”

So much obsession for Starbucks helped us to catch that this is fake. Just look at the photoshopped cup. She has photoshopped Starbucks logo on her normal coffee cup.

If you notice, the bus nails behind her shadow are completely missing. Isn’t possible unless you morph your picture in front of a real tour bus. I Love Playing “Find The Distorted Background” Game With Everything She Posts

My perfect role model and body builder. After getting millions of followers, finally her secret has revealed, photoshopped body poses. Completely FAKE!

Who thinks he can be real. But hey he still managed to amass 700+ likes. This is just of the modified photo from many others he has posted on Instagram

The main reason why so many influencers take the sheltor of digital modification lies in ‘Insecurity’, especially in today’s digital era one can reach the top and beat the dust almost with in hours. When you see these images of beautiful, successful, healthy, wealthy individuals which inspire us to aim for greatness, others can feel insecure because of the huge gap between their ambitions and the reality around them.

Melody Lyons explains that having grown up in the United States, she was raised to be dissatisfied with the way she looked, which meant she felt ashamed of herself. However, she still advocates not using photo-editing apps or keeping the editing to a minimum: say, for removing a big red spot that would simply ruin the pic.

But according to her, if you start radically changing who you are in photos, you start believing that there’s something wrong with you. And that just increases any feelings of insecurity you already had. In other words—the less photoshopping you do, the more comfortable you feel being yourself. After all, nobody is perfect and never will be. Even models think they eyelashes/jawline/pinkies could look better.

How it’s possible that you have freckles all over you face and chest but then nothing down on the hands or any other part of the body. Fake influencer taking shelter of real world model’s body.

This fake influence has tried her best to post the best and modified version of her on Instagram. But thanks to the help of her video we could spot who is actually is (or she actually looks)

This looks like a normal magazine cover and you may actually think that she has magazine worthy figure. Now look at her hands. Two right hands, WOW! that’s something viral. But hey! we spotted it

I bet she has never touched the real Lamborghini. Why? look carefully at the logo she has photoshopped on the steering wheel. Is that some cheap Honda with makeshift Lamborghini logo on it

Editing the images or photoshopping it is an addiction. You start to correct little deficiencies and soon it take over you. You loose your mind and cross all boundaries before one can realize how far they have gone only no where to return. The glamour, cut throat competition can be attributed to why influencers take help from photoshop or similar tools. Remind you, there is a huge swath of population that believes in photoshopping their pictures, thus adding to the culture of ‘perfect’ Instagram pictures. This pandemic makes me believe that there are even more individuals who feel insecure because they have to compare themselves to endless masses of photo-edited pictures. And it goes on…

Michelle Linker told The Guardian that the pressures of social media are very real. “People are publicizing usually something really cool or fun that they’re doing, or at least they make it appear that way. I absolutely feel insecure.”

She continued: “I do feel a pressure to look particularly good. I would never post a photo that wasn’t flattering of me. I feel anxiety over how many likes I get after I post a picture. If I get two likes, I feel like, what’s wrong with me? Some people judge Instagram by deleting photos that don’t get enough automatic Instagram likes. I wouldn’t do that, but I would definitely second-guess my intentions with posting them.”

A normal looking next door guy. He can fit the image of a sincere consumer giving advice on Products or features. Not until we realized that he actually photoshopped the blue eye on top of his spectacles rim. He sure is not a keeper

Which one you think is real. Let’s try Tinder like swipe – Left or Right. I bet you would swipe her left. This is a great example of real versus actual picture. I am sure the photoshop team has spent good amount of time to make the actual image look photo worthy.

When you are low on budget (or make-up). He has used the exact image on more than one occasions. Don’t believe it, let’s play spot the difference. I bet you won’t be able to spot a single difference

You won’t believe but this fake influence has over 2 million followers. But be careful, the moment you should fake, she instantly bans you. Welcome to the real world verses fantasy land

This is how you look before taking picture (left) and then comes the Photoshop to produce something on the right hand side. I am totally blown away. Classic example of anything to look PERFECT.

I am sure you too sometimes get tempted to find a magic button that can remove all your creases or spots and make your shot picture perfect. If you have ever tried it, there is nothing wrong with it. Or have you ever been in a situation where you post a photo and constantly check to see how many likes it got? Share your experience with everyone in the comments.

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