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How to Get Popular on Instagram

It can be frustrating for some people to see their friend having hundreds, if not thousands, of followers on Instagram. Since you have signed up on the social network, the number of people following you has not gone up. Your photos get only a couple of likes, and no one comments on your photos. If you are wondering how to get popular on Instagram, then here are some techniques that can help you get more followers, a lot of Instagram automatic likes and hundreds of comments.

It takes a lot of hard work to get thousands of followers on Instagram. There are different reasons why people want to be famous on the social media platform. While the goals might be different, it is much more fun when you have more people following your updates. Below are the steps on how to get popular on Instagram.( More tip about how to view private instagram photos).

Choose a Catchy User Name.

The first thing that you do when you sign up for an Instagram account is to think of a catchy user name. You should consider the concept of your page and then base your user name on that. That way people will know what your profile will be able. It is important that you keep it simple so that people can easily search for you on the social network.

Choose a Good Profile Photo.

One way on how to do that is to have a good profile photo. It is important that you put a face to your user name. If your goal is to be famous, then you should not mind having some personal stuff on your Instagram.

Your Instagram must have a theme. That way people will know what to expect from you. You can choose hobbies that you really love doing. Your profile can be all about sports in order to attract other sports fans. If you love fashion, then focus on the latest trends styles and fashion news. If you love reading, then take photos of the books you have read and provide a short review to describe it. If you are into role playing, then you can role play as your favorite character on Instagram. There are lots of themes that you can choose from. Pick one that you love doing and it will translate into the photos you post.

Learn the Built-In Photo Editor

If you want to get real likes on instagram, the Instagram is a powerful photography tool that you might not need other editing tools to make your photos stand out. To be a pro, you should practice by taking a lot of photos and then use the built-in editor and filter. If you want to be popular on the social network, then you must know how to manipulate your photos that will make people double tap on it.

Upload High-Quality Photos

In order to become popular on Instagram, you need to have something of value to offer to potential followers. You will not get followers if your profile is empty. You should have at least 15 to 20 high-quality photos in your profile if you want other users to follow you. If you are just starting and don’t have that much photos, then take more photos.

You should make sure that you only upload photos that are of high quality, especially if you want to showcase your photography on the social network. Having a good portfolio is one of the steps on how to get popular on Instagram. People want to follow users who have great photos. And don’t forget to add captions to the photos.

Link Instagram to Facebook

One easy way on get popular is to link it to your Facebook account. Then your friends on Facebook will most likely be your first followers. They will help you get started on your quest to be Instagram famous.

Another way on how to get popular on Instagram is to follower other people on Instagram. You should also like and comment on photos every time you are on the social network. It will be difficult to be famous on Instagram if you don’t like photos posted by others. You should also respond to users who took their time to comment on your photos. You can use this opportunity to start a conversation. You should treat Instagram as a community, instead of treating other users as competition.

Probably the easiest way to do that is to pay attention to what hashtags are trending and to use them with your photo. Just keep in mind that the hashtag must be relevant to the photo.

If you keep these tips on how to get popular on Instagram in mind, then you will become famous on the social media platform in no time. And don’t forget that you should continue to update on a regular basis. That way people will not find your account to be boring because of being inactive.

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