How to use Expired Domains in SEO

Expired domains can be a great tool to increase your SEO and backlink profile. According to, link building can be complex, but expired domains are a great way to increase your website’s authority and get quality backlinks. An expired domain can be used in three ways to boost your SEO. You can either 301 redirect the domain, or steal its links. You can also create a network private blogs. Find out more about these blogs and how they can assist you.

301 Redirects

A 301 redirect is a code that links one page to the other. This tells your browser that the page will permanently be moved to the new address. A redirect is the only way to transfer 100% of PageRank. When you redirect one webpage to another, you get all of the link juice from an expiring domains. You shouldn’t just redirect an expired domain to your new site. Google may penalize you for doing so. You should ensure that the redirect is coming from the same page as your new website. To create a redirect URL, simply add the code to your website’s .htaccess file. Depending on the configuration of your server and the pages that you wish to redirect, there are many options.

Stealing Broken Links

Broken link building can be a great way for you to use old domains for your search engine optimization. Although it takes longer to get backlinks to your site using this “white hat” method, it is also much cheaper. You will first need to search for expired domains that are relevant to your niche with many quality backlinks. Next, you need to contact websites linking to the expired domain and inform them about the broken link. Next, offer to replace the broken link with a link to your site.

As a reward, they might replace the broken link with one that points to your site if they are kind enough. Contact the author to get the best response.

Building PBNs

Private blog networks are websites which build links to other websites in order to increase their Google rankings. A PBN is typically created using the same content as an expired domain but with new blog articles. These articles will link to your money website. To create a PBN, you can register an old domain and set up an online blog. Make sure your website looks legitimate before you create hyperlinks. A PBN costs more because you will have to develop and host the website. PBNs have two benefits: You don’t need to rent or sell links.

Private blogs can be created if your homepage has the highest page authority. Your website is the most relevant. Google guidelines forbid you from creating a network personal blogs. Your website and blog could be penalized. It is important to be aware of the risks involved in creating a blog like this and to hide any clues that could reveal your domain’s private status.