Best of the web Youtube Channel: Sheila Aliens


Sheila started out as a UFO hunter in Tuscon Arizona who began filming UFO videos and uploading them to youtube. She now has over 32,000 subscribers.

How many of us constantly search youtube for news, info or genuine entertainment ? All of us right ! But it’s really hard to find content that’s relative, genuine and with good intent.

Sheila Aliens in our opinion puts out some of the best videos on youtube for all the right reasons. She does her best to deliver information that’s creative and important at the same time. She doesn’t claim to know everything but is quick to question the authenticity of content that seems fake. She even asks her audience for their opinions when she is unsure of something.

We think if more publishers put content out like this it would be a better internet for all of us. This is why the Fringe FM nominates Sheila Aliens in our best of the web Category ! Check it out !

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