Big news coming out of NASA, where a telescope out of Hawaii, called the Pan-STARRS 1 has picked up something strange flying through our solar system, and it has astronomers both amateur and professional geeking right out at the possibilities. 
An interstellar asteroid will be in our solar system, scientists figure, until 2019.  It was first observed traveling towards our solar system, and many astronomers believed they were on the verge of identifying a new comet.  But to their great surprise, this long distance traveler, cruising at around 85,700 miles per hour, was actually entering our atmosphere on its cosmic tour.
In a statement released to the media, University of Hawaii’s Institute of Astronomy leader Karen meech stated, “What we found was a rapidly rotating object at least the size of a football field that changed in brightness quite dramatically.”  The asteroid resembles the shape of a cigar and spins on its own axis every 7.3 hours.  Astronomers say it’s hue is similar to what they’ve seen from previous asteroids found in the Kuiper Belt, on the outside of our solar system.
The asteroid has been officially designated at A/2017 UI by the International Astronomical Union.  But since the object was found by Hawaiian astronomers, they’ve given it the name: ‘Oumuamua’ which means, “a messenger that reaches out from the distant past”.  Oumuamua is believed to have traveled from the constellation of Lyra.  But at its current speed, that would have taken over 300,000 years to travel to this point in our solar system.  Astronomers say it’s more likely that it’s from our own Milky Way, just not discovered.  Oumuamua is currently 124-million miles from Earth, and is currently travelling between Mars and Jupiter.  Now that astronomers know what to look for in terms of signal, there’s a greater chance more objects, like this asteroid, could be found in the future.

The Fringe FM Welcomes New Show Dark Waters

The Fringe Fm welcomes new show Dark Waters The King Of Horror. Dark has appeared on many talk shows and has a special gift. He is one of the best storytellers we have ever heard. He investigates reports of scary experiences and decides through a careful selection and process which stories to re-tell. He actually re-tells the story from the first person, as if you are the one talking to that person. The music and effects take you there.  Teaser shows are playing now Monday and Thursday nights at 8 pm PST and more to come after Halloween!

He actually re-tells the story from the first person, as if you are the one talking to that person. The music and effects take you there.  Teaser shows are playing now Monday and Thursday nights at 8 pm PST and more to come after Halloween! Check out his website and even more stories at iamdarkwaters.com

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The Fringe FM Welcomes Proud Sponsor Ancient Life Oil

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The Fringe FM will be at Arkansas Paranormal Expo

arkansas paranormal expo

The Fringe FM Covers Arkansas Paranormal Expo

The Arkansas Paranormal Expo has grown to be the biggest and most popular event of its kind in all of Arkansas.  This year’s Expo will once again precede its honorable reputation. 

The talented A.P.E. organizers are adding even more vendors and speakers!  Subjects such as, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, The Supernatural, Psychic Phenomena & Ghost Hunting will take the stage, proving in-depth education and intriguing insight.  We are proud to showcase and support keynote speakers, local experts and forerunners of paranormal exploration.

Producer and Host Joe Rupe and Co-Host Rusty Pate of Lighting The Void will be on the scene updating you and broadcasting as always. Tune in as we interview experiencers, speakers and vendors as we experience this event for the first time! Check out the event at arkansasparanormalexpo.com

Some of the speakers include but not limited to are; Alan Lowe, Robert Swain from www.bigfootresearch.com, Adrian and Tina Scalf from River Valley Paranormal Research and Investigation, private investigator and Author Martha Hazzard Decker ,  and Larry Cackender from UFO Hard Evidence. If your in Arkansas come join us there!

Best of the web Youtube Channel: Sheila Aliens


Sheila started out as a UFO hunter in Tuscon Arizona who began filming UFO videos and uploading them to youtube. She now has over 32,000 subscribers.

How many of us constantly search youtube for news, info or genuine entertainment ? All of us right ! But it’s really hard to find content that’s relative, genuine and with good intent.

Sheila Aliens in our opinion puts out some of the best videos on youtube for all the right reasons. She does her best to deliver information that’s creative and important at the same time. She doesn’t claim to know everything but is quick to question the authenticity of content that seems fake. She even asks her audience for their opinions when she is unsure of something.

We think if more publishers put content out like this it would be a better internet for all of us. This is why the Fringe FM nominates Sheila Aliens in our best of the web Category ! Check it out !